Anonymous asked: robyn :( im worried about you beautiful

I am not beautiful.

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I won’t be coming back on here anymore.

After years and years of blogging the images of females that were once inspiration are now driving me to hurt myself and honestly i don’t wanna see all the perfect female bodies that my boyfriend is reblogging.

See ya’ Tumblr. You faired me well.

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33% cold, 33% sleepiness, 33% anxiety, 1% glitter

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Everyone’s asleep and the world is oblivious to me. How could the riddance of one tiny spec of bacteria really matter in the long run. I won’t. Like many people before me. No-one remembers their names and mine will be lost on people’s lips too.

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Writing your innermost thoughts on a social media site coz it feels like a diary.

What the fuck is wrong with the world. And with me.

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Crying in the local park with your baby is never a good look for anyone really.

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The world never loved me, i tried to love it. But in the end, i couldn’t. Me, now.
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